Entertainment Critic, Podcaster, Cosplayer & Moderator

Hi! I’m LaNeysha Campbell (She/Her) you can call me Neysha for short. I am a podcaster, entertainment critic, writer, moderator and cosplayer. I am a contributor for But Why Tho? A Geek Community, where I cover film, gaming, anime, and manga reviews. In addition to writing, I co-host the anime podcast Did You Have To? and the entertainment podcast So Here's What Happened.

I love speak and write about anime/manga and other topics specific to my personal experience and perspective as a Black woman in various fandoms. Some of my most notable work discusses the problems of anti-blackness in the anime industry. I also like to use my platform to promote diversity, inclusion, and safe spaces in fandoms.

If you’re interested in having me on your show, panels, or working together on other opportunities tap on “LET’S CONNECT” to send me an email.